Financial Planning

Obtaining personalized, impartial, and effective financial planning advice is critical to the long-term wealth-management of successful individuals and families. Kingsbridge has invested extensively in resources and expertise in order to work with our clients to identify their unique vision of the future and create a strategic plan to attain it. We begin with Discovery - working with you to identify and understand your strategic and tactical vision of the future. We then analyze how your current financial situation is organized. Once completed, we identify strengths, inconsistencies, and potential pitfalls that exist between your current approach and your goals. We then recommend potential solutions and pathways critical to your long-term success. We have extensive experience in working with other advisors (such as accountants and lawyers) to help "quarterback" the implementation of planning strategies. For both investment advisory and financial planning services, we typically recommend comprehensive, periodic reviews to ensure that your strategies remain consistent with your goals and relevant to changes in the financial or regulatory environment.